Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Top Things to See On Your Honeymoon in Washington DC

Many couples are beginning to opt out of the average exotic honeymoon for an adventure that is closer to home. If you are craving a honeymoon with a modern feel, one of the best places to pamper yourself is Washington, D.C. Grab a Cheap Party Bus and explore this beloved urban city for a honeymoon to remember.

If you have never been to DC before, you are going to love it. A great place to start is the National Mall, which is easy to access via the Metro, or just look up a Party Bus Near Me. Here you can see the monument of Abraham Lincoln and beautiful memorials dedicated to MLK, FDR, and the soldiers who fought in WWII and Vietnam, all seated around the renown reflecting pool. If that’s not enough, there are free museums and art galleries in walking distance as well.

If you love animals, be sure to the free zoo or the Museum of Natural History!

For a fun night out, reserve a Party Bus Rental DC visitor will love and check out the nightlife. U-Street Music Hall features an intimate setting to EDM, while the Ultrabar can provide 5 different floors to choose from. Other highly rated dance clubs are Flash, Soundcheck, and DC9.

If you are not sure where you would like to spend your night, you can always look up DC Party Bus Prices and find a luxury ride. A party bus can take you throughout the city while you have drinks from the bar and gaze at the nation’s capital all lit up at night.

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