Monday, July 31, 2017

8 Symbols of Good Fortune to Hope to See on your Wedding Day

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In centuries past, civilizations followed nature for signs of good fortune and omens of bad luck. From ancient Egypt where the Sphinx along the Nile river was said to protect the people of Egypt from various evils to old Irish traditions where the 4-leaf clover was said to bring about luck to its finder.

What signs should you hope to see on your big day, other than our Chicago Charter Bus Company meet and greet sign?

If you should see a Dove, you will surely fall in love! Doves have found their way into both mythology and religion, but have always been a precious symbol of love. The Roman goddess of love, Venus, was said to have chosen Doves as her messengers.

If you notice a ladybug while boarding a Chicago Charter Bus Rental, consider there to be good things on the way. Children of Serbia even have a song about the lady bug acknowledging it as a bringer of good luck. It’s also said that if a ladybug lands on the hand of a woman just married, count the spots on the ladybug’s wings, because that’s how many kids you are likely to have.
Perhaps you won’t spot an elephant walking across the road after you hop of out of a Chicago Tours Bus, but if you happen to catch a trend of seeing them in frequent representations—it’s a good thing. They are symbols of wisdom and longevity. The Hindu deity Ganesha is the Hindu god of luck, with a human body and an elephant head.

Other general symbols of luck include a key, infinity sign, sapphires, shooting stars, and ladders—despite the old superstition.

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