Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Sci-Fi Wedding That Will Have You Seeing Stars

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Is your wedding to be an adventure beyond the stars? A Sci-fi wedding is an underused theme that many could not even imagine, but fun for all who attend.

With such popularity in the sci-fi genre these days it is easy to find the right references and styles you are after. Your voyage starts with a Phoenix party bus rental and ends in the galaxy of perpetual bliss. Whether you are a steampunk or a “trekky” the abundance of sci-fi material is endless.
Role playing is a fun and exciting way to be in a festive creative spirit while preparing for your wedding. Seating guests at tables reflecting different planets or galaxies of their own can help set your cosmic tone. Have your guests arrive by private spacecraft, or as we know them on earth as a DC limo bus.

If you crave the look of those epic scientific creations, a short trip to your local hardware store may have you finding all the right props. Could you imagine stepping out of a limo with a small trash can robot by your side? What if you made a cardboard robot with a self operated vacuum cleaner underneath.
Imagine your guest arriving on a party bus rental AZ believes in, and then entering the mothership with all types of guests dressed as their favorite intergalactic species. Strange music is in the air and bright colored lights throw a hue of the milky way around the venue.

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Have fun and expect the unexpected with your sci-fi theme. Rent a DC Party Bus finds stellar and leave the normal world for an event that will having you seeing stars. Call us Now at (888) 748-4929


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