Thursday, March 29, 2018

Have Alternative Wedding Bands and How to Make Them Work

DC Motor Coach Bus
Wedding bands can come in many different forms from the traditional ring, to even sandals. Find out some of the best offbeat wedding bands ever presented. Aside from the great opportunity to ride in a DC motor coach bus, weddings have always offered that one big event that gets the crowd excited, the giving of the wedding bands. However, some have chosen to bypass the ring altogether and offer their own unique take.
Some couples have offered the big surprise of a new home that the spouse was unaware of. Instead of handing over ring they placed a key to their new home in the bride’s hand, leaving them truly speechless. This may be one of the biggest most unexpected switches but the value was priceless and the ride home on the DC charter bus was the icing on the cake. 
Couples of all types have been opting for the wedding band to be a permanent tattoo. As the acceptance of tattoos has risen vastly over the last few years, many new age couples are giving the gift of forever in the form of permanent ink. Not as classy as a band and a DC coach bus rental, but to some just as invaluable.
Pending on personal tastes the difference between wedding band and alternate wedding rings will vary vastly. Whether you give a puppy, a car, a DC wedding limo, or something more suitable to withstand the test of time is completely up you. Of course, the traditional way is still highly regarded and valuable. Be sure to include your personal touch and make sure that both parties are on board with an alternate wedding band and a wedding limo DC loves, as to not have this idea land flat and far from the goal. Call us today at (888) 748-4929.


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