Sunday, June 10, 2018

6 Ways to Use Essential Oils at Your Wedding

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Essential oils have become a great go-to resource for people looking for natural ways to alter their environment. Because the body’s sense of smell is directly connected to the brain, many scientists think that aromatherapy is a useful way to enhance one’s self, much like finding Cheap Party Bus Rental Prices for a local DC Party Bus.
So, if you are looking for a way to relax, promote socialization at your wedding reception, or just make your venue smell amazing, read on!  Cheap Party Buses are easy to find, just like essential oil diffuses have become much more inexpensive to the public. This has been one of the way main ways that people get the smell of oils into the air. It works a lot like a cool-air humidifier; just add a few drops of the oil you want and presto!
Essential oils can also be added to water, witch hazel, or vodka and used as a spray. You can spray your mixture onto fabrics such as curtains and chair covers, or just spray it into the air. It’s as easy as renting a DC Party Bus visitor will love.

Other ways to use essential oils at your wedding:

Reed diffuser
Essential oil necklace
Add to humidifier
Spray water and soil mix on air filters inside vents of heating or cooling system

Here are a few essential oils to use:

Chamomile is popular favorite for its relaxing effects. Its gentle scent is not overpowering and gives way for the mind to unwind. Want to feel as if you are on an exciting Cheap Party Bus Rental? Bergamot essential oil can pick you up, it has a wonderful citrus fragrance and unlike caffeine, won’t make you feel jittery, but will enhance your motivation and positivity.


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