Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Best Lunch to Improve Performance at Work

We’re not talking about what to eat to lose weight, although these will surely help, what we’re referring to is “brain food.” Brain food helps your brain stay active longer, perform with more efficiency like an expert Lincoln Party Bus driver, and is able to sustain those creative thought processes that can help you blow out your work load in no time. Certain foods increase focus, some by providing essential minerals and nutrients, others by providing appropriate amino acids the brain needs to function properly and feel good as if you were on a Charter Bus Rental Orlando FL can have fun in.
Maybe you’ve heard this before, but if the coffee isn’t working and you still have a lot to work to go, then reach for some blueberries! There has been countless studies that show that blueberries increase concentration, as well as memory.

Add fish to your lunch. Salmon is a brain saver carrying beneficial fatty acids that help things run more smoothly in not only your brain, but your joints too.

Sub green tea for coffee. Green tea has L-theanine, a necessary amino acid that can make caffeine crashes less harsh and add a calm focus to your days’ work.
If you want to run like a well-oiled machine or a reliable Orlando Party Bus Rental, then go with nuts! Nuts are packed with oils, Vitamin E, and other antioxidants that can help improve cognitive function; especially walnuts.

Want to look and feel good throughout your work week and ride through the day like a Charter Bus Rental Lincoln luxury vehicle? Sail through your week by eating greens. Dark leafy greens are packed with B vitamins that increase energy, yet calm the mind, stabilize nerves, improve mood, and focus.


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