Tuesday, October 31, 2017

3 Meditations to Help You Stay Calm on Your Wedding Day

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Meditation is becoming an increasingly popular way to calm the mind and body. What better activity to do before the long day of your wedding? Meditation can help bring your mind back to yourself. Minds tend to wander, and sometimes when they do, we can become stressed at the thoughts that arise. Through meditation, you can learn to center your thoughts and feelings, focusing on what is most important to you. The best part is, you can meditate anywhere, on a San Diego Party Bus Rental, or on next to the altar, while standing on the stage.

If your thoughts sound like a San Diego Bus Rental filled with friends and family, use this meditation to calm your thoughts and bring you back to the present.
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 Slowly bring your awareness to your breath. Tune into the oxygen your lungs are drawing into the body, feel your lungs and chest expand with each breath and feel it also, leaving the body.
If you want to feel calm anywhere you are, be it on a Party Bus Seattle WA, or walking down the aisle, you can use this mantra meditation technique. When thoughts arise, gently push them away and replace it with a short phrase. If you feel tense, try saying to yourself, “My breath is whole, I feel calm.”

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Seattle Party Bus Rentals are exciting, and you can use meditation to be enthusiastic too! Bring yourself to the present by focusing on the bottoms of your feet and feel the rhythm of energy in your body. Starting at your feet, working its way to the crown of your head. Feel as if you are being energized and rejoice! Call us today - (888) 748-4929


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