Wednesday, October 11, 2017

This Way to a Medieval Wedding Theme!

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 Ride in on the white horses of all limousines as our School Bus Rental Service welcomes your guests to a fun wedding theme that is sure to please. If you soon to be happily married couple are considering wedding themes, make sure to ponder this one as well!

Set the theme with astounding attire. You may even want to go as far as inviting guests to feel welcome to arrive in garb straight plucked from the middle ages. Guests will love the opportunity to dress up and have a little fun with Party Bus DC Rental service.
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A must-have for a medieval wedding is certainly a photo booth, friends and family will want to capture these exciting moments together.

If you want your theme to be genuine, like a Mini School Bus Rental, stick to a relative color palette. Choose royal reds, deep purples, and shades of shimmering gold.

Hire a live entertainer. In these periods, the king would hire a court comedian or jester for a few laughs. If you’d like to tap into the Celtic middle ages, consider hiring live performers such as a fire dancer.

Fun ideas for centerpieces would be gold and riches such as gems, or stick to a more natural theme with flowers that bring the colors in the venue together.

Medieval food choices are easy and inexpensive. Popular in its era, you may have found chicken, pork roasts, corn, carrots, cabbage, bread, and lots of fresh fruits such as grapes and apples.
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If you want your best men and bridesmaids to look snazzy as our Washington DC Party Bus next to the happy couple, why not have knights as best men, beautifully dressed madams for bridesmaids?



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