Monday, May 7, 2018

4 Exclusive Ways to Becoming the Greatest Prom DJ

If you are a DJ and your next big event is a high school prom, be sure to bring the best tracks and sound that you can muster and get the cheapest party bus rental you can afford. High school students are young adults who make up the list of what is cool and what is not. Knowing how to bring them the best experience is an endeavor you as the DJ must find out.

As the party bus DC rentals start rolling into the parking lot, you should have already set up your equipment and began sound checks. It is important to be ready well ahead of time as the students on their way to this event will surely be ready for you.

Studying statistics on songs such as how many likes or listens they have gotten, and whether they are hits on the billboard, or a song they heard on the cheap party bus, it will bring you closer to achieving a play list that people will love. Be prepared to take requests, and have a good mix of lively hits as well as slow dance songs at the ready.

With the DC party bus rentals lining around the parking lot go ahead and start some music as to provide an opening atmosphere that welcomes prom goers to a fun time. It is your job to set the ambience and bring the party into motion, be sure to do it right and on point.

Lighting is usually handled by the venue, but as an entertainer you should have some tricks up your sleeve. Affordable laser lights that bounce with the music and other cool lighting gear can be found for quite reasonable prices and add much need ambience to your performance, sending prom goers off to the DC party bus in high spirits. Call us today at (888) 748-4929


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