Friday, May 26, 2017

Dark Side of the Rainbow—Prom Color Choices: Which to Choose & Why

Maybe you’ve noticed whenever you walk into certain rooms that are painted particular colors—they make you feel different. There is scientific fact behind the way in which we interpret color, and what it does to our body, our mind, and how it shapes our impression. The colors we wear can also promote certain feelings. For example, the color red can actually make us excited, like a Washington DC Party Bus. So there may be more than you think to simply choosing a color to wear for prom.

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Let’s start with green. Green is probably the most un-intrusive color of the dark side of the rainbow. It is known to be peaceful and calming, like our School bus rental service. It has the capacity to make others feel comfortable, and it also promotes trust and honesty.

Blue is as cool as a Washington DC party bus, the color of loyalty, security, unity, and knowledge. Want to feel smart? Blue could be your power color! This is also true if you find yourself particularly nervous, as blue has a calming effect on the body.
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If you’re feeling like a VIP in a Party bus DC rental, you might want to go with purple. This color has been seen as the color of loyalty for thousands of years, as it’s associated with wealth and luxury. Purple also has some other very unique qualities about its hue, both blue and red—it carries with it the air of mystery.

Have you decided what color you’re going to wear to prom? Let us know in the comments!

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