Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hilarious Wedding Games that your Family will Share Laughs Over

Wedding entertainment doesn’t have to start with a toast and end with a DJ, there are lot of activities that your family can enjoy. We have found some of the best games that can bring your family together, just like Salem Limo Service or Party Bus Baltimore. Games provide a way for your guest to socialize and share some laughs too!
Who’s that? A game where all of your guests write a few personal clues as to who they are on a piece of paper, folds it, and puts it in a jar. Later someone pulls them out one at a time and reads them off during which the audience will raise their hand to speak aloud and identify who the clue is about. Whoever raises their hand first is called.

Wedding corn hole. A fun game where you can even have your boards and beanbags customized. A simple alternative could be bean bag toss, where you would set up something such as pails instead.

Printable mad-libs. Things can get very funny with this!

Your guests will enjoy a simple game of ring-toss. This one is super easy to make!
Bring your games with you on a Lincoln Party Bus for the wedding after party!
Lawn Yahtzee. It may be easier than you think to find huge dice.

Hula hoops can be fun!

Hand out sparklers!

Have a game of bride and groom bingo.

It’s easy to take your games on the road with our Party Bus Rentals in Salem.

Laugh as people try to balance in a game of lawn Twister. As an alternative to the game board, you can spray paint the colored dots on the lawn, this way your game floor can be as big as you want!

Have a large family, grab Party Bus Baltimore for your family to get from the hotel to the wedding!



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