Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Great Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained at your Wedding

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Are you the type of couple that loves a Chicago party bus rental, but also loves children and welcome the thought of your friends and family bringing theirs to your wedding? Of course, there can always be that fear of potential noise, and worst case scenario: a bored kid cries out as you and yours are trying to exchange vows. So what do you do? The key is to keep the little ones happy and entertained. We have some amazing ideas on how to do just that!

If adults get to celebrate in a party bus Chicago IL loves, why not let the kids celebrate with something they enjoy? Having fun games available as soon as the doors open can be a great way to let the kids release some of their energy before the ceremony begins. After all, they’ve more than likely been stuck on a plane for 8 hours, then trapped in a hotel room, and then had to sit down and take a ride to the wedding venue—both kids and parents will be glad to see games you’ve provided.

Provide opportunities for kids to run around a bit before the ceremony starts by having footballs and soccer balls available. Consider the thin bouncy balls, they’re less likely to go through a window! Later they’ll sleep great with the baby sitter while you and your guests get to attend the celebration on the Salt Lake City party bus rental.

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Considering hiring a baby sitter, or employing a niece and nephew as reliable as a Party bus UT loves. Let them take care of the children during the ceremony to eliminate any worries associated with noise.


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