Tuesday, December 19, 2017

7 Great Alternatives to the Wedding Veil

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We’re all pretty familiar with a wedding veil, almost as known as a San Francisco Party Bus. For those who are not so familiar, the veil is a place of fabric that hangs over the bride’s face during the ceremony. Here you have spent all this time getting your makeup done only to be partially covered up by a flimsy see-through cloth draped over your face. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, don’t worry, many brides would quickly agree with you. That’s why it’s slowly becoming a thing of the past.
The wedding veil stems from ancient Greece and has ties within the medieval era. In Greece, the veil was said to have protected the bride from evil spirits. While in the Medieval period was said to symbolize purity.
If you are ready to move away from traditional to one of a kind, then check out these ideas, as fresh as a San Francisco Party Bus Rental.
Wear a crown instead. Brides have worn actual jeweled crowns as if a queen, simple crowns made from vines, and crowns created from flowers, feather, beads, and more.
Skip the crown and head straight to the headdress. Stunning headdresses can be created DIY or by a skilled designer. You may have even seen models with similar headpieces. These can be created out of practically anything you would like, though most often brides choose flowers, feathers, and pieces of nature.
Be sophisticated like a Party Bus Boston relies on and choose a simple hair comb or decorated bobby pins instead.
Check out classy hair clips, headbands, and halos!
Circlets are another alternative as fantastic as a Boston Party Bus Rental. They are elegant and sit in with your attire, instead of boldly standing out.


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