Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Best Last-Minute Wedding Checklist

A wedding requires a magnitude amount of planning, it’s no wonder that there has been accounts of the happy couple leaving their marriage license on the kitchen table at home. With this list, you can be prepared, like our Salt Lake City Party Bus, even at the last minute.
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So firstly, don’t forget that marriage license! You cannot officially get married without it!

If you and yours plan on heading straight out to your honeymoon after the wedding, be sure to ask a close friend to take care of the wedding gifts for you. Lending them a key to your home can ensure the gifts will be there when you get home.

Make sure everyone has transportation. Grabbing an Indianapolis Bus Rental may be handy for guests who used ride-sharing transit to get there.

Always have your vendors give you a receipt and sign it. This is especially true if this vendor is not very well known, it’s better to be safe than sorry. There have been cases reported where vendors claimed to not have been paid by the newlyweds, a signed receipt will be proof that they were.

If possible set up the venue the day before. Grab a Party Bus in Salt Lake City transport all of your decorations to the venue, as well as setting up tables, arranging chairs, chair covers, finishing touches to the altar backdrop, and more.

Arrange a wed-emergency kit. Include items like a pocket mirror, lotion, white thread and a needle, make up, and more.

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Don’t leave it to your groggy morning mind to gather essentials. Make it easy on yourself, like reserving an Indianapolis Party Bus. Try to get everything in one place the night before, making the morning of your wedding less stressful.


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