Monday, December 18, 2017

Fun Wedding Ideas You and Yours Will Love

Every wedding is unique, and you can still have a traditional wedding with fun additions. If you are trying to promote a wedding atmosphere that is fun, interesting, and one-of-a-kind, then check out these ideas that will be as helpful as a prompt San Antonio Party Bus.
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DIY some of your décor. Many couples think that doing DIY décor sounds like a lot of time and responsibility, but you can create final touches to décor in minutes. Make custom invite cards, thank you notes, timelines, pamphlets, and more right off of your computer.

Brides, do you like traditional like a Los Angeles Party Bus, but feel like skipping the veil for your wedding? The wedding veil is quite old after all, stemming from an ancient Greek custom to hide the bride from negative spirits. Some other alternatives you could choose from are head bands, crowns, and head dresses made from feathers and or flowers.

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Grab a Los Angeles Party Bus Rental and dedicate an entire room to your guests to thank them for coming. Couples have been setting up what they call a “gift lounge.” It’s basically a way to let your loving guests choose from a variety of gifts. Many couples make a handful of each option they had for guest gifts and set them around the gift lounge.

Skip the average DJ and tap into your roots. Consider hiring musicians who are skilled at playing your native, or ancestral instrument.  Be it English piano songs, African drumming, Celtic harp playing, or the like.

Ditch hiring someone altogether and become your own DJ by streaming your favorite music from YouTube, Pandora, or the like.


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