Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Is Your Christmas tree Sub-Par? What You Can Do.

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If you find the same green and red Christmas theme to become a bit repetitive over the years then why not try something new this year. The great things is, if you don’t like it, you always have next year.

Instead of going to the same Christmas party every year, why not rent a Party Bus Rental Chicago can have a jolly time in! You never know, you and your friends may like it so much that you create a new Christmas tradition.
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What about changing up the tree? If you normally have a store bought plastic tree, consider bringing your family to a tree farm and cutting down your very own Christmas tree. It’s a fun family outing that the kids are sure to love.

Change up the color of your tree. The benefit of going with a store bought one is a variety of different colored and sized trees. If you love snow, consider a white tree with blue ornaments, or if you love things that are just plain different, department stores even carry black trees now. This choice could actually produce a very classy look if done correctly. Think white ribbons and gold or copper colored ornaments.

If you feel like skipping the whole fiasco of circling lights around the tree then consider buying one that is pre-lit, even fiber optic lights can be very nice for a Christmas evening glow.

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If you don’t grab a Party Bus Chicago recommend for Christmas, consider New Year’s your new beginning and celebrate it on a Bus Rental Chicago will absolutely love.

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