Thursday, January 4, 2018

Having a No Cell Phone Wedding and Why It’s Better

Wedding Limo DC

Weddings are a time to let go of the outside world for a bit and focus on the union of love. Leaving the cares of your daily life behind, including work, social media, and routine chores. That is why more and more people are choosing to have an unplugged wedding. This means leaving your beloved cell phone behind for the day. So before you hop on a Wedding Limo DC loves to tie the knot, check out these fantastic reasons to have an unplugged wedding.

No interruptions. If you and your partner are riding in a relaxing DC Wedding Limo, the last thing you want to hear are the dings and pings of your cell phone alerting you about what Chantel ate for lunch, or how lame someone’s day is going. Ditching social media is ditching any rude interruption within your beautiful day.

Better focus. Between the exciting ride in a DC Charter Bus, the jitters of reciting your vows, and making sure everyone arrives on time, you may already be a little nervous. Instead of checking social media accounts before you tie the knot, you should be focusing on yourself. How do you feel? Take a moment to breathe, and appreciate all the great people in your life.

Get better photos. Compare photos of your parent’s wedding to one of your best friends, you may find one thing that is missing—cell phones. There is nothing worse than a great photo ruined because your cousin is in the forefront texting and your aunt is taking pictures with her cell phone blocking your face.

You’ll feel a sense of relief. All the social pressure will dissolve, like taking a cozy ride in a DC Motor Coach Bus or a DC Coach Bus Rental. After all, it’s one less thing you have to keep track off, and you already have enough on your plate.


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