Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Powerful Ways to Bond with Your Partner Before the Wedding

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Weddings are always special days, but they can mean that much more when you and your partner feel intimately bonded for the experience to come. Sure, you are close, and you love each other, that is why you are getting married right? Yet, it never hurts to do a little pre-wedding bonding. We’re here to tell you about practical ways to bond that are as fun, romantic, and exciting as a DC Party Bus.


Whether you are fixing dinner, getting ready for bed, or sitting down to watch a movie together these are all opportunities to play fun word games. These games allow you to learn more about your future spouse, to bond, and to have a few laughs. Would You Rather is a game where you ask “Would you rather do this, or this?” Would you rather grab a Cheap Party Bus Rental to work with 3 dogs, or walk 3 blocks?

Get out of your comfort zone

Many people speculate that you cannot grow unless you experience new things. So why not set out to experience something new with your partner? A yoga class, dance lessons, or even grabbing a Cheap Party Bus one evening to a local club, can help you learn more about each other.

Spend time with other people

Going out together to spend time with friends and family can help you see different aspects of your partner’s personality. Arrive in a limo or a Washington DC Party Bus!

Confront a fear

This allows you to do something you are afraid to do while being together, and having the support of a loved one. You can see how strong your partner is, or how they adapt to different situations.


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