Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tying the Knot around the World—Traditional Wedding Customs

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Whether you plan on getting married in Morocco, or you just have a special interest in wedding customs that take place around the world, we’ve found some of the best! If you want your wedding to be as wonderful as it can be, grab a Lincoln Party Bus while you read! 
Smash some porcelain in Germany. A traditional wedding in Germany takes place with the practice of breaking a little fine china. The art of throwing plates on the ground in front of your home and watching them break is said to ward away ill wishes and promote a happy journey for the newly married couple.
Grab an Orlando Party Bus Rental and head to the airport for a wedding in Scotland. While there are many young couples from England that elope in this country (because legal marriage age is 16), it’s also a sought place to get married for its strong ties in traditions. During a Scottish wedding, you’ll be likely to find the best men wearing kilts, and bagpipes playing in the background. Celtic music is often played during the reception.
 If you find choosing your bridesmaids and best men difficult, then opt out in a traditional Polish wedding. Your wedding can be as peaceful as a Charter Bus Rental Orlando FL loves, by eliminating any possible jealousy since many weddings in Polish do not feature best men or bridesmaids.
Are you planning on hopping on a Charter Bus Rental Lincoln style and heading over to India? Consider the Hali ritual where both partners are purified and refreshed with turmeric paste. If you want the chance to thank each guest at every table, take a look at the traditional Japanese candle ceremony. Where the couple lights a candle at each guests table, and then their own.


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