Thursday, January 18, 2018

More Tricks to Staying Warm During an Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot

Are you one of the brave couples that decided to tie the knot during the cold and chilly months of winter? Well, it may be cold, but there are thousands of fantastic reasons that the winter months make a wonderful wedding experience. Not only does it help create an intimate and cozy environment, it’s usually the least expensive time of year, and there’s less competition for venues and a Indianapolis Party Bus.

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One challenge that couples face is the photoshoot. There is something about having an outdoor wedding photoshoot, whether your plans are to be surrounded by astounding architecture, or by nature.

If you want your picture to look natural, like a snazzy Indianapolis Party Bus Rental. You’ve got to stay warm, so you can be yourself without having that constant worry in the back of your mind that your feet are cold, or looking stiff as a board because you are struggling not to shiver.

Here are the secrets to have a beautiful winter wedding photoshoot and staying warm!

Grab a Salt Lake City Party Bus and try on a dress with sleeves if you plan for an outdoor photoshoot.
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Use ear muffs during or in between pictures, alternatively you can use a wool hat or beanie.

Scarves can look very elegant in photos.

Wear gloves, you can still find beautiful gloves that are both photo-worthy and warm.

Select the warmest time of the day for the photoshoot.

Choose a location with a windbreak like a row of trees or a wall.

Put on lotion before you venture out. Lotion can help seal in moisture and body heat.

An old camper’s trick is to eat before exposing yourself to warm temperature, a full belly will keep you nice and cozy.

Wear long johns or leggings underneath your attire.

Hop in a DC Party Bus for a ride hot to warm yourself back up!

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